Best Teak Cutting Board 2023 [Top 5 Picks]

Best Teak Cutting Board

If you’re looking for a cutting board that offers convenience and durability, then this list of the best teak cutting boards will be perfect for you. Without having to spend too much time or money, you can give your kitchen a touch of sophistication. It is very important if you have your heart set on an up-to-date interior design. If you enjoy cooking, you can easily find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Teak wood is a type of hardwood native to Southeast Asia. This wood has been used for centuries as a building material and as wood for general construction. It is a durable wood and is used for outdoor furniture and decking. Teak is a tropical hardwood, so it is a good choice for a cutting board because it will not bow, warp, or crack. Moreover, It has a natural resistance to decay and insects.

Best overall

Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board
Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board

Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board

Editor’s Pick

Round Teak Cutting Board
Round Teak Cutting

Round Teak cutting board

Best Budget

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove
Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Top 5 Best Teak Cutting Board Review in 2022

1. Teakhaus Store: Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board

Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board
Proteak Edge Grain Teak Cutting Board

This cutting board is perfectly sized for home use. It is sturdy enough to cut meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and more! I am delighted to purchase it!

To begin with, The ProTeak Edge Grain teak cutting board is made of the same durable, long-lasting wood used to make award-winning Herman Miller furniture. Its striking red-paint finish is made to last, either in the kitchen or on display in a home or restaurant.

This fantastic wood carving board from Proteak is the perfect size for most kitchen countertops. It is a beautiful piece of natural, real teak wood. Also, It is a durable and beautiful wood that does not require seasoning or staining.

It was a good investment as I entertain many people every week.

As the board is made from teak wood, it is sustainable, renewable, manufactured responsibly, and FSC certified. The grain adds style, depth, and texture to this board.

I love to use the ProTeak edge-grain teak cutting board! It’s beautiful, very sturdy, and made of natural wood, which smells lovely. 

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  • The smooth surface of our boards won’t dull your knives.
  • It is FSC certified to ensure sustainability.
  • The smooth, seamless design makes it easy to clean.
  • It has an exquisite geometric shape with a beautiful grain pattern. 
  • The board is durable and will last for years so, It is durable and will last for years.


  • Little bit expensive teak cutting board.

2. Teakhaus Store: Round Teak Cutting Board

Round Teak Cutting Board
Round Teak Cutting Board

This round teak cutting board is made of only the highest quality select tropical teak wood grown in Madagascar. It is made to last a lifetime. Also, It is impressive, and I love it.

This is a high-quality, durable board that won’t split or crack, which is a problem often found in cheaper boards. I have used this board for years, and it has a beautiful, natural wood color with a smooth finish and a good weight.

To begin with, the cutting board is an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen. With its size and versatility, it can use to prep a variety of foods. In addition, it is large enough to perform many of the tasks usually relegated to a cutting board, and the board’s color fits perfectly in most kitchen sets.

The round teak board is highly sturdy and keeps my knives sharper longer than other boards I have owned. In addition, I like how smooth the cutting board’s surface is and that it is made of wood instead of plastic or glass.

We’ve gone through so many boards in the past, and this one is awesome. We use it to cut all our veg, and I love that it’s super sturdy and cleans up great.


  • The board is more durable and robust.
  • Known for its ability to absorb moisture.
  • This method of construction is eco-friendly.
  • Dishwasher safe.
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  • None.

3. Shumaru Store: Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove
Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

The natural teak wood cutting board with a Juice groove is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. The walnut wood is highly durable and will last a lifetime. In addition, the walnut wood design allows it to be reversible for use as a cutting board and a serving platter.

I was hesitant to purchase the Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove for myself, given that it is more than double the price of the other cutting boards I was considering. However, after owning it for about a month, I can assure you that you will be happier with this product.

My only complaint would be that the wooden handle has shown deep cracks. The cutting board has been handled carefully. It is not dropped or bumped.

It is beautiful with its bird’s-eye grain pattern and beautiful wood grain pattern. The board is not just a kitchen cutting board. It looks beautiful, smells great, is strong and well made, and is easy to clean.

The Natural Teak wooden cutting board is perfect for anyone who loves to cook or looking for a beautiful gift. It is made from natural teak, a sustainable tree that can be easily recycled when one is finished using it.


  • An attractive and helpful cutting board is a great way to add style and functionality to your kitchen.
  • Clean with hand wash.
  • Grips are nonslip.


  • The wood fibers are not vertical.

4. Thirteen Chefs Store: Extra Large Teak Cutting Board

Extra Large Teak Cutting Board
Extra Large Teak Cutting Board

This custom-made cutting board is just what you have been looking for to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen space. It is made of solid hand-scraped Brazilian Teak wood, which is strong enough to withstand the most challenging task. Also, It will last for generations to come.

The extra-large board is perfect for any gardener who has a large group of plants or large families. The teak surface is porous, which will absorb the nutrients from the soil, while the natural hardwood grain makes for an attractive end product.

Moreover, The extra-large cutting board is perfect for preparing large dishes such as roasts and large side dishes. The beautiful teak wood features a high-gloss finish and includes a space for writing.

Moving on, these beautiful and stylish extra large teak cutting boards look perfect on any countertop and keep food from slipping and sliding.

Lastly, the extra-large teak cutting board is a beautiful gift to give to someone who loves to cook, does a lot of entertaining, or hosts many family events. The ten-year-old client I gave this gift to said it was the best gift he received from his birthday party.


  • It features a smooth, seamless finish that is easy to clean.
  • The board has no issue as it warps, cracks or breaks.
  • It comes with a modern and functional design.
  • The cutting boards are made from teak, an earthy, durable wood that ages beautifully.
  • The smooth surface of our boards means that they won’t scratch or dull your knives.


  • A little bit expensive.

5. Thirteen Chefs Store: Terra Teak Cutting Board

Terra Teak Cutting Board
Terra Teak Cutting Board

The cutting board from Terra Teak is a good value for the price. It has a nice size and is solid and sturdy.

I love to use terra teak cutting board. It’s a beautiful and easy way to keep my knives off the counter and have a deep juice grooves. The teak looks like antique silver and has a great shine to it.

The wood is beautiful, and I love using this as a cutting board for vegetables and meats. The wood has a natural oil finish that is safe for use on non-stick cookware.

Terra teak cutting board is a beautiful and durable wood cutting board. I like that it is made from natural wood and looks like it will last a long time. It also provides a safe and natural alternative to the plastic boards often left out in the kitchen for cutting materials.

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The terra teak cutting board is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The natural and sustainable bamboo and walnut wood cutting board made of food-safe and environmentally-friendly teak wood are durable and easy to keep clean. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining area. 


  • Teak wood is a tropical hardwood with a glossy, light brown to medium brown color and wavy grain.
  • It is one of the most environmentally friendly hardwoods.
  • Teak has a unique wood grain that is both beautiful and healthy for your cutlery.
  • The curved end cuts are unique.


  • The dishwasher is not safe.

What Should Consider Before Buying a Teak Cutting Board?

Teak is a very dense wood that is lightweight and strong, making it a great choice for one of your cutting boards. It is also very durable, and it is one of the only woods that is truly waterproof. Let’s know what we should consider before buying it.


Teak is a dense, slow-growing wood that is known for its durability and versatility. It often used in boat decks, playground equipment, and even furniture because it’s durable.


A lot of people like to use costly teak cutting boards. Here we talk about the shocking scarring that these boards can get from regular use. And your knife will dull.

Teak looks: Teak is one of the most beautiful woods globally, with an incredible ability to age gracefully. Its rich golden color is distinct, with hints of orange and brown. Its texture, whether it is solid, figured, or wavy, is beautiful. Also perfect for a cutting board.


To maintain your best teak cutting board’s the most popular method is to use teak oil, usually a product called Teak-Titanic, which can help prevent discoloration. Though it isn’t a requirement, a good recommendation is to wipe your cutting board with a clean cloth or paper towel after each use before oiling. 

The goal of the oiling is to help keep the surface from oxidizing, but if you find it’s not working, you can always use a teak sealant as a final step as a preventative measure.


Why You Should Use a Teak Cutting Board?

This premium cutting board is made of teak wood, which is long-lasting, moisture-resistant, and beautiful. Teak is also environmentally friendly because it grows on trees that are cut down for commercial purposes.

Composed of more than 95% pure heartwood, which is the portion of the cut-down tree and made of heartwood because it is more durable than sapwood.

Teak boards are porous, making them more absorbent than some other woods, which means they can absorb liquids. It is easy to clean; all you need is warm water and some soap. It has an attractive appearance, which makes it perfect for cutting, cooking, and serving.

Why should you use a teak cutting board?

A teak cutting board is not just a stylish addition to your kitchen – it is also a valuable tool that can make your cooking experience much easier and more efficient. For starters, teak is a durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. In addition to this, teak boards are also resistant to bacteria and fungus, which means that you can keep your kitchen clean and free from any infection.

Another great benefit of using a teak cutting board is highly versatile. You can use it for almost any type of food, whether meat, vegetables, or fruits. Moreover, teak boards are also non-stick, making them perfect for food preparation. They also don’t absorb odors or taste bad, making them ideal for cooking in high-traffic areas.

Is teak good for cutting boards?

Yes, teak is a great wood for cutting boards as it is extremely durable and has a beautiful grain that can be a real eye-catcher on your kitchen countertop. Teak has a long life expectancy, but it is also a sustainable wood, which means that it does not take up a lot of space and can be harvested in a sustainable way. Additionally, teak is a natural oil repellent, which means that it will not build up on your cutting boards and will keep them looking nice and polished.

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Is teak good for butcher block? 

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, then teak might be a good option. It is stunningly beautiful, but it is also durable and easy to care for. Teak is a type of wood from the genus Tectona, and it is most commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is typically used for furniture, flooring, and cabinetry because of its strength, durability, and natural color.

While teak is not recommended for butcher block because it can cause the wood to crack, it can be a great option for other types of woodworking projects. It is important to use teak oil or sealant when you are finished with your project to ensure that it lasts long and remains beautiful.

How do you clean a teak cutting board? 

Cleaning a teak cutting board is not as difficult as you might think. All you need is a little bit of soap and water. Soap should be gentle enough not to damage the wood, and water should be clean and cold. Soak the cutting board in soapy water for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with cold water. If the board needs more than just a quick rinse, repeat the process until the board is clean.

Is teak or acacia better for a cutting board?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a cutting board: the material, the size, and the style.

When it comes to material, teak or acacia are two of the most popular choices. Both woods are durable and easy to care for, and they look beautiful on any kitchen counter.

When it comes to size, a cutting board should be large enough to accommodate all of your food items without moving them around constantly. It is also essential to choose a cutting board that is the right size for your hands.

Finally, consider the style. There are two main styles of cutting boards: trough and flat. Trough boards have a raised area in the middle that is great for catching food as it slides off the board, making it easier to clean. Flat boards are less cluttered and look nicer, but they may not be as easy to clean.

Cherry is also a good option to make a better cutting board.

Is teak or Maple better for cutting board?

This cannot be easy to answer, as the best board depends heavily on an individual’s preferences and what they are willing to trade off. While both teak and maple boards are high-quality and durable, teak may be a better choice if you are looking for a board that will last longer. Teak is a tough wood that is resistant to decay, which means that your board will last longer and be in better condition overall. Additionally, teak has a natural luster that enhances the look of your kitchen countertop.

On the other hand, Maple is a softer wood that is less prone to splintering. It also has a subtle maple flavor that many find pleasing. While Maple is also a solid and durable wood block, it may not last as long as teak. Maple may also require more maintenance, such as oiling because it is not as resistant to decay.


I think the teak cutting board is the best choice for any kitchen. For an affordable price, you receive a good quality cutting board that will last you many years and looks great too.

Each of the features on this cutting board is there for a reason, and it is the best choice. Hope this article helps you to get the best Teak cutting board for your kitchen. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for us.

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