How to make a Granite Cutting Board?

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for kitchens, and for good reason. Its durability means that it will last for decades, and the fact that it is relatively easy to work with means that you won’t have to invest a fortune in tools to create a beautiful workspace.

We all know how important a cutting board can be to food prep, especially when it comes to the safety of your food. But did you know you can take your cutting board to the next level with a custom-made granite cutting board? That’s right, with a cutting board made from an artisan stone such as granite, you can add a new touch to your kitchen and make it unique.

Making a granite cutting board is a time-consuming project that will take at least a couple of hours to complete. But if you have the tools and the right tools, it is a project that can be done with a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience. Guys, this is a really quick and easy way to make a granite cutting board. All you need is some granite stone, a board, a steel block, and a drill. Granite is a type of rock that is formed from lime-rich mineral deposits. It is a very porous stone that can be polished with a diamond blade to give it a shiny surface. Granite is a solid material that is formed in a layered manner. It is made up of individual pieces that are stacked on top of each other. The layers are formed by lava flowing within the earth.

Process of making a granite cutting board

Making a cutting board out of granite requires a number of tools and materials. If you are not experienced in the process, you might want to consider hiring a professional cutting board maker to guide you through the process. While you may be able to find the tools and materials needed to make your own granite cutting board, it may be more economical and simpler to purchase a readymade cutting board.

In the process of making a granite cutting board, every stone has its own characteristic and pros and cons. Therefore, the process of making a granite cutting board is not simply about making a single piece of the slab, but rather a series of processes that work in unison to create a finished product.

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What do you use to cut Granite?

Granite is mainly quartz and plagioclase. Quartz is the hardest mineral with a hardness of 7. I would recommend a saw with diamond-coated blades for the best mileage. A corundum-coated blade would work too, but it would be less durable. Diamond and corundum have a hardness of 10 and 9 respectively, but the Mohs scale of hardness is relative, so diamond is an order of magnitude harder than any other mineral.

What is the best granite cutting board size?

The best granite cutting board size will be approximately 16 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 1.5 inches deep. This shape results in the easiest handling, versatile use, and simple storage for the average user. However, you will want to take into account the specific limitations of your space. Be sure to measure where you’ll be using it the most, and use those measurements as your upper limits when looking for a beautiful and useful cutting board.

How to polish the granite?

Start polishing with 50 grits, then continue with polishing with 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and finally 3000 diamond grit. After this, I would recommend sealing the surface of the granite.


Cutting boards are important tools that every cook should own. I have made my own for years and I know how they work.

I’ve been using granite cutting boards for a long time. I love them, and I use them for everything. However, recently I’ve been thinking about the long-term effects of using them.

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