Over the years I have tried many different cutting boards and have finally settled on a really good one. It’s called the John Boos and is made of beautiful Birch. It can be used for slicing, dicing and chopping. Also, It is a small board and I have one on each of my counters. I use it every day when I cook and use it for serving up my yummy salads. It is nice that it is small and fits on a small countertop. It is also inexpensive and well made.

John boos cutting boards are a popular topic on the web and for those reasons, many people are looking for the best boos cutting board that they can buy. Often people have to spend a lot of money on one so they need to be sure that it is best. One of the best things about john boos cutting boards is that you can save a lot of money by making your own instead of buying one.

John Boos is a cutting board manufacturer that makes premium wood cutting boards made out of 100% select hardwood. There are many reasons to choose a John Boos board over the competition. If you are stuck on the decision of what to buy then you need to read this article about the best boos cutting boards.

Finally, we set the record for the 5 best John boos cutting board reviews. To discover the top 5 John boos cutting boards on the market right now, we used a highly advanced software program that collected different reviews from different resources and made an unbiased review of each product.

In a hurry? Check out our top 3 picks:

Best overall

john boos walnut cutting board
john boos walnut cutting board

Runner up

john boos maple cutting board
john boos-maple cutting board

Best Budget

John boos end grain cutting board
John boos end grain cutting board

Top 5 Best John Boos Cutting Board Reviews in 2021

1. John boos walnut cutting board

John boos walnut cutting board
John boos walnut cutting board

The John Boos Walnut board is designed with the professional chef in mind. John Boos cutting boards are the best boos cutting boards in the industry. We cut out the middleman and save you money! Our walnut boards are made from solid walnut, with no core, making them unlike any other cutting board on the market. Our exclusive 5 step hand sanding process ensures that our boards are leveled and smooth, and will last a lifetime.

The perfect gift for the discerning cook. A wide and smooth surface and a 1 1/2″ lip make this John Boos cutting board an excellent choice for preparing vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry. The hardwood board is designed with a convenient hanging groove to keep the board off the counter.

Made of select grade eastern white walnut, this reversible John Boos cutting board is ideal for cutting, chopping, serving and baking. The wood’s hard, dense grain structure prevents warping, shrinking and cracking. The 6″ x 18″ x 1.5″ wood surface is sealed with a food-safe mineral oil to resist moisture penetration, warping and staining. The 1/8″ thick edge provides a sturdy cutting surface.

The John Boos Butcher Block is a perfect choice for all kitchens, serving both as a prep and cutting surface.


  • Beautiful and practical addition to a kitchen
  • Sturdy and beautiful
  • High Maintenance Boards


  • Quite heavy to carry.
  • It doesn’t have a juice groove around the board.

2. John boos maple cutting board

best John boos maple cutting board
John boos maple cutting board

The John Boos Maple Cutting Board is handmade and has an elegant appearance, which will add a touch of style to any kitchen. The hard maple construction and durable exterior will ensure that this cutting board will stand up to even the heaviest of meats and veggies. This John Boos Maple Cutting Board can be customized with a laser engraved logo to create a promotional product that is sure to be used in your customers’ kitchens for years to come.

John Boos cutting boards are made in the USA and are the best you can buy. They are manufactured in the company’s own facility in New Jersey from the finest domestic hard rock maple, and the best available steel and hardware. You can always count on a John Boos board to cut smoothly and last a long time.

Made of solid maple, these cutting boards will not warp or shrink, and their appealing, natural appearance will complement any decor.


  • Goes easy on knives
  • Not a beginner-friendly board for the casual “cook”
  • Quality Item


  • Need maintenance.
  • The chamfer could be more rounded and smoother.

3. John boos end grain cutting board

John boos end grain cutting board
John boos end grain cutting board

This beautiful end-grain cutting board is made in the USA of select hardwoods, with a long-lasting, durable finish. It is ideal for cutting meats, fruits, and vegetables and it is safe for use by the whole family. John Boos makes a variety of cutting boards in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Every cutting board is made from North American hardwood.

John Boos & Co. has made the finest quality butcher blocks for over 100 years. This end-grain cutting board is made of solid cherry wood and is perfect for chopping, cutting, and carving meats, fish, and vegetables. It is 14 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 3/4 inches thick. This cutting board is easy to clean and will last for many years.


  • Looked great
  • Incredibly durable and beautiful best quality
  • High Quality Product
  • Professional cutting board
  • Attractive and Functional


  • Quite heavy to carry.
  • Very sensitive to moisture

4. John boos reversible cutting board

John boos reversible cutting board
John boos reversible cutting board

This reversible chopping board is constructed from a durable, food-safe material that will stand up to demanding commercial use. The reversible board is perfect for display, and the white side features shaped up-grain maple and the brown side features the natural wood fiber. Sized to fit in standard-sized drawers.

The John Boos Reversible Cutting Board is perfect for the home or the professional kitchen. The large reversible cutting board is reversible for double life. This reversible design features a smooth, rounded, natural edge on one side and a grooved, beveled edge on the other. John Boos’s exclusive reversible edge is a revolutionary 2-in-1 design that provides all the benefits of both traditional and reversible designs. This reversible board has a top side of solid maple and a bottom side of black polyethylene.

The John Boos Cherry Wood Reversible Cutting Board is a durable butcher block style cutting surface. The reversible design allows you to choose your cutting board material. The board is 18 inches by 12 inches by 1-1/2 inches deep.


  • Perfect and not too heavy.
  • High quality and beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Solid cutting board.
  • For professional.
  • Super well made, and a beautiful piece of woodworking.


  • Treat the board almost after every wash.
  • Beware of moisture wood expansion.

5. John boos 18 x 12 cutting board

John boos cutting board reviews
John boos 18 x 12 cutting board

First up on the list is John Boos c 18 x 12 cutting boards which are a perfect addition to any kitchen. This one is Made of hardwood and manufactured in the USA, John Boos cutting boards are available in a variety of sizes and styles to serve any purpose.

An impressive display of breathtaking natural walnut that is used to create this unique work of art. With its seamless end-grain construction and imposing heft, this cutting board is an heirloom-quality accessory for your kitchen that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

For the home cook who enjoys preparing food with style, our solid walnut cutting boards are made in the USA from a single piece of premium grade, kiln-dried walnut. Hand-crafted with care by our master woodworkers, these cutting boards are smooth and durable and will provide a lifetime of cutting pleasure.


  • Fantastic board
  • Sturdy and beautiful


  • Must be maintained
  • The corners need to be protected


John boos cutting board reviews has been a huge hit among consumers. Customers love the cutting board because it’s a safe, hygienic way to prepare different foods. With its precision cutting and non-slip surface, it’s the best for cutting hard foods, such as meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Many people like to have a cutting board, whether it’s as part of a knife set, or just something that looks nice on the counter. However, if you’re like me, you don’t want to have to buy a separate cutting board for every knife you own. That’s why I found the John Boos line of chopping boards. I’ve been using them for around two years now, and I’ve never been disappointed.

John Boos is the leading manufacturer of innovative kitchen products in the United States. All John Boos cutting boards are made of the highest quality hardwood and are constructed using the latest technology and equipment.

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