If you’re a  cuisine enthusiast who loves to cook at home from scratch, cutting boards are an essential need for your countertops. And when it comes to chopping, wooden cutting boards are undoubtedly the best from other plastic boards, reversible boards, carving boards, maple boards, etc. You may ask why? Because they let you have sufficient control, they provide you ample spacing along with lesser cuts and ruggedness over time. Also, they’re self-healing and can be sanded if they become too choppy. And allow cuts of meat juice to leak off this board.

Although plenty of wooden chopping boards are available, the best ones are hard to find since there’s a variation of quality in the marketplace. Hence, for your benefit, we have prepared a list of the best wooden cutting boards for meat in 2021. Without any further ado, let’s present the list!

Walnut wooden cutting boards for meat:

First up on the list is none other than Walnut chopping board set from John Boos End-Grain Board– the famous board company. This company, in particular, has had extremely convenient customer service over the years. They’ve also ensured quality by providing top-notch chopping blocks, and it’s of no doubt that they use the best quality of Walnut wood for their boards. This John boos block is one of the best non-toxic cutting boards also.

john boos reversible walnut cutting board
Walnut wooden cutting boards for meat

Important Features:

❖   Organic material: The walnut wood used by this company is made from natural wood with zero artificial or toxic materials. The company ensures its chopping boards to be hygienic and toxin-free.

❖   Built-in Handles: The handles are placed at the board’s side for the most accessibility, and they’re very comfortable moving around.

❖   Clean chopping area: Their chopping board set doesn’t have the logo in the middle of it, meaning you have a clear canvas for chopping all your raw meat.

❖   Flippable sides: The users choose to flip the chopping board to either side whenever they want, according to their convenience.


● Incorporated with edge-grain boards construction

● Will not decay you’re For cutting boards, we mostly consider the durability or hardness of the wood. Regularly cutting and chopping on any surface leads to wear and tear, so hardwoods like walnut, acacia, and mahogany are often chosen for their durability, according to Pechenik.

● Sleek design which doesn’t hold onto any bacterial growth

● Perfect board for oiling

● It can be used for heavy-duty

● Good handling system

● Perfect dimensions

● Provides a year of warranty


● It doesn’t have any beet juice deep grooves

● Needs seldom oiling


This is one of the best wooden boards for meat on the market. But, it does need a whole lot of care. If you want to commit to a wooden chopping board that can last you many years, this one is undoubtedly perfect.

Large Reversible Teak Wood Cutting Board for Meat :

shumaru teak cutting board for meat
Large Reversible Teak Wood Cutting Board for Meat

We all know that teakwood is one of the woods that sustains the most pressure, moist environments, and cut marks. Hence, it’s no different when it’s application is done through a chopping board. And this product will raise the stakes when it comes to its performance and come with durable features more than plastic cutting boards.

Many other features of the board include:

Important Features:

❖  100% Organic: Made with real teak, this board will ensure you the perfect hygiene with no usage of toxic chemicals.

Included with a juice groove: The board has a deep drip juice groove lining, which will make sure to catch all your meat juices to ensure your kitchen remains clean.

Perfect size: Not too big, not too small – this kitchen cutting board will ensure you can do all your medium-duty chopping without any hassle.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t like the product, you can return it anytime.


● Best quality teak wood

● Very durable

● Can withstand cut creasing

● Self-healing to an extent

● Can persist moisture from oil

● Water-resistant and repellent

● It won’t damage your sharp knives

● Ample canvas for chopping meat

● Reversible workspace

● It comes with a deep drip juice groove


● Not very smooth

● It tends to slide off


Despite the canvas not being as smooth as we’d prefer, it does the work just fine. Overall, this is a substantial kitchen chopping board for its price point.

Large Reversible Multipurpose Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat:

thick wood cutting block
Large Reversible Multipurpose Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat

Delicate, straight acacia end-grain boards ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge for a significant stretch. Though, on the opposite side, the unit’s rich dull earthy colored shade of the unit makes it an ideal serving plate. Switch the unit and utilize the cutting surface for setting cheddar, charcuterie, and hors d’oeuvres.

Let’s get into some of the crucial features of the cutting board!

Important features:

❖   Deep juice groove: The chopping board has a deep juice groove all around the sides, which helps to catch all the remnants of the boards with juice flowing from the meat, so your counter space stays clean.

❖   Excellent Quality Acacia: The company ensures the best quality acacia you’ll find on the market, which is extremely eco-friendly.

❖   Built-in handles: Built-in handles can be extremely convenient for those who like to move around their chopping process throughout their cooking session.

Perfect sizing: It has a suitable thickness and girth, which can withstand a fair amount of pressure.


● Deep juice groove

● Great Acacia quality

● Reversible sides

● Compatible for both left-hand users and right-hand users

● Eco friendly

● Built-in Handles

● Great customer service


● Has cut stains easily

● It doesn’t come with a good hardening oil


The cons can be a little upsetting if the kitchen chopping board isn’t used right, but overall it’s still a superb chopping board.

Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board for Meat:

best wooden cutting board for meat
Large Reversible Multipurpose Maple Wood Cutting Board for Meat

Made out of unadulterated Michigan maple wood; worked to last with a mineral oil finish- this board holds it all. Planned with a Reversible Radius. One of a kind chopping board that is wide, solid, and durable. Undoubtedly, this maple wood cutting board by Soner Los Angeles is sturdily made for hardcore chopping work and can be adapted before use for glistening wood maintenance.

Important features:

❖   Durable: Maple wood is famous for its sturdiness, and this board doesn’t fail to prove its durability.

❖   Deep juice groove: The juice groove built-in with this product is deeper than the other ones available on the market, so you don’t have to worry about the juice from the meat getting anywhere in your kitchen and making a mess.

❖   Compact: This board does an outstanding job at being a perfect size for being used as a chopping board or a serving board for its aesthetics.


● Included with a one year guarantee

● Great customer service

● Built-in handles

● Sturdy Maple wood

● Oiled correctly from the manufacturing site

● Deep juice grooves

● It can be sanded down if the canvas begins to look tacky


● Tacky glueing

● Crackly top after a long time of use


If the wood is taken care of, it’s undoubtedly the best chopping board you’ll ever come across. So if you feel like you don’t mind tending to your chopping board every once in a while, it’s perfect for you!

HBlife Extra Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat :

 best wooden cutting board for meat
HBlife Extra Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat

The HB life board will likely serve a ton of buyers a long period of utilization since the board’s mass doesn’t effortlessly surrender to all the cutting action that’ll be going on. Undoubtedly, this board looks engaging in counters. Giving it excellent oil lapping can make the tones jump out.

Let’s get into the details of this product!

Important Features:

❖   Organic material: The acacia wood they have is proven to be of the best quality, and rest assured, you’ll remain at ease knowing that your chopping board doesn’t come with insanely toxic chemicals.

❖   Perfect sizing: Lovely and enormous, this hacking board is merely ideal for your advanced kitchen or professional kitchens. It just isn’t simply alluring to look at but also profoundly solid.

❖ Durable: Consequently, you won’t see that revolting cut imprints from your sharp blade on the board even after day-by-day use.


● It has three different sizing so that the buyer can choose from a variety

● Lined with a deep juice groove

● Has one convenient handling which permits you to hang the board as well

● Easy to clean

● Made of great quality acacia wood

● It won’t stain easily


● Tend to splinter

● Tacky adjustments


The chopping board is indeed a good one, but we’re not so sure about its adjustments. However, we suggest that you try to go for it and give it a try!

Thick Acacia Bamboo Butcher Block BPA FREE Reversible Meat Vegetable Cheese Kitchen Board:

 best wooden cutting board for meat
best wooden cutting board for meat

This Thick Acacia Butcher Block Bamboo Cutting cheese board highlights one side ideal for cleaving and dicing, though the other one is ideal for serving. This opposite side highlights a divot toward one side that holds wafers. You can even change both sides to use according to your personal preference.

Let’s get into the crucial features without any further ado!

Important features:

Sleek design: This particular board features an aesthetically pleasing layout, unlike any other board found in the market. If you’re a person who loves to go for the minimalistic modern look for your kitchen, this board will certainly fit you the best.

❖ Large workspace: This board screams simplicity. Without any complications, this board is just a beautiful, eco-conscious teak board, a simple chopping board that provides you an abundance of workspace.

Included with a vertical stand: If you’re worried about your kitchen looking too clumsy with the use of chopping boards, forget about it because this board will give you a vertical stand to support your chopping board.


● Simple, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing

● You can use either side.

● It can be shifted both ways for left-handed and right-handed users

● Guarantees no crack

● Very rigid and strong

● Can withstand cut stains


● It doesn’t come with a juice groove

● Doesn’t have handles


The chopping board is a great one for those who want to use it as a workspace without needing a juice groove, so we suggest that you give it a go as the beautiful, eco-conscious teak board woodwork on this piece is hugely demanding and aesthetically pleasing.

Teak Wood Cutting Board Cured with Organic Beeswax:

best wooden cutting board for meat
Teak Wood Cutting Board Cured with Organic Beeswax

One of the worst things that can happen while you chop your items is that your chopping board tends to slip off, or you don’t need a damp paper towel underneath. You can also use a wet paper towel underneath, and then it should not move. And if it keeps happening with you, it’s time you replace your old unit with a Premium Grade-A Teak Wood Cutting Board by Ziruma. This modest yet tough unit merits every penny.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the details!

Important features:

Organic material: The acacia wood is exceptionally eco-friendly, and it’s crafted through wood over twenty-five years old, which ensures the best quality of silica and rigidness.

Durability: It’s incredibly durable, considering that they use mature acacia to craft their chopping boards.

Long-lasting: Although it requires a little maintenance, one board can go a long way.

Crafted with beeswax: The board is fully coated with naturally harvested beeswax, keeping the board’s self-healing materials intact to prevent cut marks.


● Included beeswax for self-application

● Built-in handle

● Built-in juice groove

● Natural material

● Premium grade acacia wood

● Reversible

● Moderately accessible dimensions


● It might crack if it’s not oiled properly

● Mediocre craftsmanship


The manufacturers promote and ensure the best and the most eco-friendly chopping boards, but we’d suggest you go through this product’s details before choosing it for yourself. Despite the care it needs, this board is one of the best ones out in the market!

Walnut Wooden Cutting Board for Meat by Mevell:

best wooden cutting board for meat
Walnut Wooden Cutting Board for Meat by Mevell

The board is super simple, but it fills the need perfectly. You can utilize the chopping board bother-free for ordinary cleaving. This keeps microscopic organisms from flourishing in the cuts. Besides, it additionally makes this cutting board easy for the client to cut different items subsequent to chopping crude meat, fish, or poultry and serves as a beautiful, eco-conscious teak board serving tray.

Without prolonging, let’s get into the details of this product!

Important features:

Stunning walnut finish: This board has the perfect walnut coloring, and graining like you’d expect in a high-end product which is not in a bamboo board.

Extremely durable: Withstanding cuts are no biggie for this board, as it can go on for years – all amid your ventures.

Oiled to perfection: The manufacturers make sure to use the combination of naturally crafted beeswax and oil over your board, so you don’t have to wait before you start using your product.


● Built-in handles

● Built-in juice groove

● Organic material

● Best quality Walnut wood

● Great customer services

● Provides a one-year-long guarantee


● High maintenance

● Isn’t water repellant


You can go for this board as long as you’re willing to spend a little effort behind taking care of your chopping board; there’s no question of this board being a board of excellent quality more than a plastic board.

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove :

Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board
Natural Teak Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Since teak wood is dense with silica, you’ll be assured to have a board made of it sitting over your countertop when you need it the most during your meat ventures. The chopping board’s huge butcher square style gives solidness while leaving you with a bunch of other features such as cleaving, shredding your meat to perfection, and so on.

Let’s get into some of the most important features of the cutting board!

Important features:

Organic material: The production of this board is of the finest quality. It’s made up of AA+ Premium Teak Wood, and it’ll come with zero toxins and zero harsh chemicals.

Antimicrobial build: Oiled to perfection, this board will ensure that there’s no build-up of bacteria on your chopping board.

Durable: This chopping board can go a long way with its durability without putting you through any havoc.

Perfect thickness: As a customer, you should always have the full authority to have the viscosity enough to chop your board down every once in a while if it starts looking tacky. With this board’s thickness, you’ll be able to do so quickly.


● Great customer service

● Offers a one-year guarantee

● Ample workspace

● Easy to wash

● Convenient handling

● Simplified juice groove lining


● Tacky packaging

● Unsharpens your knife blade if used aggressively.


Consider using this board when you need an easy and useful teak cutting board. However, the question of its tacky packaging will remain.

Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat :

Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen
Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board for Meat

It comes pre-prepared with an exclusive mix of 100% all-common fractionated oil. This oil stalls the drying of acacia wood and prepares it to utilize in the wake of unpacking.

Ideal for weighty, heavy-duty working empowered by its width and profundity- you’ll love this board once you get the hang of it!

Let’s know some more about the product!

Important features:

Organic material: Undoubtedly, the quality and the build of this organically made acacia chopping board will not disappoint you and better choice from plastic board.

Easy to clean: Rub the chopping board with a piece of a damp cloth, and you’ll be done!

Hangable design: You can choose to hang the chopping board with its sleek design.


● One year guarantee

● Reversible usage

● Doesn’t mark easily

● Aesthetically compliments your countertop.

● Adequate spacing to hold all your items


● Not dishwasher safe

● Not heatproof


If you don’t mind handwashing your chopping boards, you’re definitely good to go with this board!

Why is Wooden Cutting Boards Best for Meat?

Before purchasing your wood cutting board, ensure its hardness or durability. Because when you use the cutting board for daily purposes, it will surface with wear and tear. Here we share top-rated companies’ wood cutting boards that do not compromise with their product durability. Another is the strong sanitary reasons, which make the wood cutting board best than others.


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