The Top 5 Best Weston Meat Grinder -2022

best weston meat grinder

Weston Meat Grinder is the best for your home. It comes with a timer that automatically shuts off and cools down, which will save you from overheating and damage to your meat grinder. It also has an automatic feeder that helps you take out any leftover scraps of meat or seeds. The Weston Meat Grinder comes with a durable metal base, which can withstand heavy use over time.

We’ve spent over 100 hours of research interviewing chefs and materials experts and using and abusing nearly 20 Weston Meat Grinder to find our Best Weston Meat Grinder.

Top 5 Best Weston Meat Grinder For Your Kitchen

1. Weston:Weston 22 Meat Grinder

This meat grinder has the power to grind down anything you want to save the work of slicing and dicing. I love that the upper hopper is separate from the unit, allowing fresh ingredients to sit right above the grinder.

weston 22 meat grinder
weston 22 meat grinder

The Weston 22 meat grinder is excellent because it is the only one that has a powerful motor and the ability to grind large volumes of meat continuously. It is also lightweight, easy to use, and very quiet.

Moreover, this Weston 22 meat grinder will make all your family’s delicious ground meats. It is designed to grind large quantities of meat quickly and efficiently. Also,It features a 1.5 horsepower motor, quiet operation, heavy-duty construction, sturdy gear drive, and more.

It is one of the most powerful grinders on the market. Its 1.5 HP motor effortlessly pulverizes large quantities of ground meat for delicious burgers, sausages, and much more.

You will not believe how much flavor this Weston 22 meat grinder will add to your products. I was shocked at the quantity of ground meat that was created by using this grinder. It can be used on significant cuts of meat, like leg of lamb, or just small chops.

When you need a large quantity of ground meat or fish to feed a large crowd without interruption, the Weston 22 Meat Grinder is a perfect choice. It has a powerful 1.5 HP motor to grind up to 15 pounds of meat within a minute.


  • This is a monster powerhouse unit.
  • Best Meat & Bone grinder ever.
  • Great for raw feeders! 
  • It grinds faster than it takes to clean it.
  • Great customer service.


  • None.

2.Weston: Weston Manual Meat Grinder

I absolutely love the Weston steel meat grinder. This is a work of art and a great meat grinder to make tasty ground beef, sausage, and hamburger. I have used the Weston for both ground beef and hamburger and find it very easy to use.

Weston manual meat grinder
Weston manual meat grinder

There’s a reason this meat grinder is number one on Amazon. It’s not just because of the low price or the fact that I can get it.

The Weston manual meat grinder is a durable, efficient, and effective way to grind a whole pig or other animals for sausage, grinding and sausage making, and even grinding whole chickens for chicken stock.

Weston’s manual meat grinder is a great way to prepare your meats for the grill. The manual machine is easy to set up, clean, and use. The sausage kit includes the adapter, spacer, and three different funnel sizes.

This Weston meat grinder makes meat grinding a much easier and faster process.

This Weston manual meat grinder is a great tool to have on hand. It is made of high-quality steel, and the stainless-steel finishing makes it easy to clean. It has two cutting plates, one clamped on top, and a large opening to fill with ingredients.


  • Great grinder for home sausage making.
  • Bones and all, and it’s so easy with this grinder.
  • Excellent Value for the Price.
  • Good Quality.
  • Easy to use.


  • Good grinder for a small job.
  • Challenging to clean it.

3.Weston: Weston 8 Electric Meat Grinder

This Weston 8 grinder makes authentic homemade sausage in a matter of minutes. It has two stainless steel grinding plates for grinding through meat and chunky bones quickly for easy sausage making and a stuffing funnel for easy sausage making.

Weston 8 electric meat grinder
Weston 8 electric meat grinder

I had this for about a year. I was able to make my sausage and sausage products as well. My kids and a couple of neighbors liked it. I guess I got a reasonable price because after one year the motor died. Now I have to decide to repair or buy a new one.

This Weston 8 electric meat grinder is perfect for anyone looking to make homemade sausage with their ground meat. The stainless-steel grinding plates are durable and can handle the most brutal meat cuts.

The Weston is a perfect addition to any home kitchen. It features two stainless steel grinding plates and a stainless-steel sausage stuffing funnel that lets you quickly stuff meats into the grinder, while the included stuffer helps you promptly make delicious homemade sausage.

This meat grinder is designed for easy use and features a powerful motor to grind up all the meats and sausages that your family desires.

This is one of the most advanced electric meat grinders out there. The meat grinder comes with multiple features and includes a “stuffing tube,” which allows you to stuff your own homemade sausage.


  • Excellent, fast, powerful machine.
  • Good Choice for Home Meat Grinder.
  • Great for sausage making.
  • Easy to use meat grinder.
  • Great for anyone who loves to cook.
  • Works perfectly.


  • Lightweight.
  • It’s a little Deafening but effective.

4.Weston: Weston 32 Meat Grinder

The Weston 32 meat grinder is a powerful and efficient model that can quickly grind large amounts of meat. It has two grinding plates (coarse and fine) that are interchangeable and easily interchanged.

Weston 32 meat grinder
Weston 32 meat grinder

Because of its small size, the Weston meat grinder is incredibly versatile. It works equally well for grinding small amounts of meat, making bulk patties, or making stew and ground meats.

This Weston grinder is a powerful grinder that can quickly grind up a large amount of meat. The motor can still be heard while it is in use, and when it is on, the cord is not that long, so you are not stuck having to run around with an extension cord.

I chose this meat grinder because it is powerful, convenient, and easy to use. It takes less than 10 minutes to turn it on, grind four or five pounds of meat, and clean the machine.

This is an excellent machine for a commercial kitchen or home, especially for professional cooks and bar owners.

The Weston meat grinder has already become one of my most used kitchen appliances. It’s beautifully constructed, works excellent, and has some serious power to grind even through large pieces of meat and bones.


  • Powerful Machine.
  • The best so far.
  • Excellent for raw cat food making.
  • Easy to use.


  • A little pricey, but worth it.

5.Weston: Weston 12 meat grinder

This meat grinder is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. It’s easy to use and makes quick work of meats like ground beef, hamburger, and so much more.

I make my sausages because I don’t keep many animals, especially for Thanksgiving.

Weston 12 meat grinder
Weston 12 meat grinder

Meat grinders have their advantages over using a hands-on grinder. Though time-consuming, meat grinders grind fast and effortlessly. This Weston grinder is no exception. It comes with a powerful 1-HP motor, making the grinding process faster than other grinders.

Being a fan of drinking whiskey, I thought this product would special interest me. The grinder is stylish and seems well made.

This unique and remarkable product would be a great addition to any kitchen. My sister and I decided to order this meat grinder to make homemade sausage, and we both love it! It is easy to use and efficient. It comes with a sausage stuffer to add any additional flavors.

This Weston 12 meat grinder makes meat grinding a breeze. The meat grinder is very easy to assemble and durable, and efficient. The grinder is very stylish and allows for multiple grind settings and grinding attachments that will enable you to make any ground meat product you’d like.


  • Powerful grinder.
  • Stylish aluminum body.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for homemade sausage making.
  • Works great.
  • Easy to clean.


  • lightweight.


We hope that the above information will help you to a comprehensive view of the Weston meat grinder with complete data about the Weston meat grinder reviews.

Weston meat grinder is a heavy-duty meat grinder that has been in the market for more than 25 years. The Westons have consistently produced quality grinders, and this particular model is no exception. This machine is ideal for those who are looking for a heavy duty meat grinder to process large amounts of meat at one time.

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